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[DjBjra] - The Final Chas [DjBjra] - The Final Chas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"don't know what to think after the below review!"

the ear what the guy who heard all your songs as to say.....
You are a.....PRO!!! please dude, don't let yourself down we all know you have major skills, this is just another example and nobody needs music theory or fancy definitions to know that, after all the way you make them is just the toping, how it end is what counts and you works end up in awesome, thats right awesome, so you better take yourself to your level, the BJRA level, the one you makes ng shakes :D

Krank responds:

Hey man, thanks for the love :)

[DjBjra] - Valley of the [DjBjra] - Valley of the

Rated 5 / 5 stars

now I'm touch

you did a emotional calm beat :P, the mood just captivates the ear, by 1:18 what was that playing there? a flute? no matter, think you can give me the vst or sample you used, I might be a noob at production and all but I have the programs and the will to play with them....well I pretty much liked the whole set of sound used, the acoustic touch just helps it, good luck on the power of three, although just by this I think you don't really need it ;) keep it up dude

Krank responds:

hey man, always glad to hear from ya!

The Ascension of Killa Ca The Ascension of Killa Ca

Rated 5 / 5 stars

enjoy dat shit.....

was easy, I already got to ear the first version and I see the things you changed, the quality sounds better, but I like the title you had on the last version(on the actual file) " The last Adversary" sounds so flashy usable, well most your song do XS
I enjoy the way you combine you past songs to this new way, it captures someones attention during most of the time if not all, only one thing to do now...........FAV DAT SHIT XD

Krank responds:

Well you gotta compromise sometimes when you collab with someone, I liked the final adversary too :)

Thanks for the review, my love

The [Real?] Ballad of Chr The [Real?] Ballad of Chr

Rated 5 / 5 stars

just to show some love X3

well the synth are catchy but even after so many songs your rhythm goes really for a spacey venue and that really just kicks ass, well you do like to kick buts :D

I see you also have more ballad of this the real one? I hope not, it great to see you working on a song and try giving it that edge that no other can give.

well this was you man sending is appreciation for the awesome artist right here, also since I'm that of a fan, could you give the list of songs I haven't reviewed?
what kind of a fan am I if I don't even review all your songs, just give a list of those you actually want a review on them or just say to go like crazy XD

keep up the pace bjra and bring more sexy tunes to ng, it really needs them X3

Krank responds:

lol I don't keep track. I got so many damned songs.

I appreciate the reviews, they warm this ol' techno producers heart

[DjBjra] The Valiant Hero [DjBjra] The Valiant Hero

Rated 5 / 5 stars

the teaser's are back!!

don't tell me you are going to do what you did last time with "Move for freedom"?
are you gonna going in a week of teasing?
annoy the hell out of the portal? XD
the work he is nice as I think it is normal when talking about that I see you awesome teasing beat machine XD, make the full and final quick dude!!!!!..................or just take your damn time and show whose boss in here X3

Krank responds:

Well The album this thing is going on is going to be sold, So I won't release the full tarck on my page until the album has sold a bunch of copies

[DjBjra] Caverns of Time [DjBjra] Caverns of Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

oh noes!!!!

I remember my review on Next Generation MAX, expecially the comments you and the other guys made XD, guess what I had another, the beginning was just to much to handle X3, this was now taken to a BJRA level 2!!!! prepare to be mesmerized bitches!!! when ma man gets this! to BJRA level MAX!!!!!!! X3 keep up the work dude

Krank responds:

oh hell yes. the level of pleasure has been risen!

[DjBjra] - Atmospheric [DjBjra] - Atmospheric

Rated 5 / 5 stars


basically all the song goes nicely and smooth but the bass line of the first part of the song just sounds weird.....maybe I'm not used to dnb still... strangely I liked how the bass went after :P
oh, one thing, be careful with the two guys below I heard they were conspiring weird stuff with Chron, if you don't take percussions now, you might have a extra pair of stalkers XD

Krank responds:

but I am so ronery!

[DjBjra] Chaoz Fantasy Re [DjBjra] Chaoz Fantasy Re

Rated 5 / 5 stars

your right....

you are a 13 year old boy, a 13 year old boy that knows how make awesome soundtracks and take the sound of others to the next level......the BJRA level :3
you just owned Paragonx9 big time XD, now its time for me to review the other two song I left unrevised....

Krank responds:

the bjra level is beyond human comprehension, bitches

Always glad to hear from ya dark!

Pirates_go_ahhrrrr [Box-killa] Pirates_go_ahhrrrr [Box-killa]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

just had to check it fanatic :3

and I can say I'm not disappointed ^^, pretty cool tune you got here, you manage to have a nice variation, helps cutting monotony, but around when you start repeating the lead melody by 1:09 you could mess with the pitch, like increasing it and when it repeats again ,increase it again....I guess increase it around two times before returning to normal...get my idea?you kinda did it in the melody between 0:44 and 1:08....I hope get my point, I think it would look cool

also you could play a little in the sound of the lead synth melody, change it and keep the melody

the percussion is so catchy, it just get the attention right from the start :3
you could use a slow down on the middle, I not meaning like a literal slowing down of the tempo, but of the quantity of the instruments and percussion, like making it more powerful yet more paced...I guess you kinda did it by 2:17 :P

the synth you brought by 1:49, doesn't see to flow in some parts, when all the sounds join up

about getting attention:

don't ever pm particular if they are not ones who faved yah up here, they are not like me when it comes to love reviewng audio, many may feel angry, but I guess you know that.......

there is the audio advertisement thread in the audio forum and the review request club in the club & crews forum, that will already give some attention

next, only PM those who faved yah and say to them if they don't wish to be pmed to say it so and don't nag about it

next ask those who usually want people to request for review, there are quite a few besides me, just go to the where is/ How to forum and go to the "top 100 audio reviewers" and check for the ones who review the most

you can also get a myspace( note that I am not promoting this website, I'm just giving information about on how it can help in the ng audio life) and other popular sites who gather people and let you show your stuff, that will also help a little in the attention gathering

you can pm me anytime so, if you need my support just ask

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Box-Killa responds:

Wow thanks for the good, thoughtout review. I think pm'ing does work but it also attracks an unwanted crowd. Well thats my opinion anyway, who cares! Yeah i love the drums in this, specialy the snare. Anyway, thanks for ure support :D

Fairy Fountain Redux Fairy Fountain Redux

Rated 5 / 5 stars

it sound like a dream

and that piano play, reminds me of nobuo work on final fantasy 9, its was pure genius, but so much reverb its distorting th song....maybe.... it would be better a little cleaner to the ears
rather than that I can't put much of a critic on the rest, good job dude

People find this review helpful!
Theledge93 responds:

I can uderstand there bieng a *tad* bit too much reverb, but the first reviewer made it sound like there was entirely too much to even make the song comprehensible. the whole song, (minus the drums) is from zelda. it's the fairy fountain song.

glad you liked it!.